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Avow CRM

Avow CRM is an innovative, full-featured CRM solution that runs where you want it to as an on-premise or as a hosted solution without any long term commitments. Plus, it offers the flexibility of migrating from the hosted solution to the on-premise solution to fit your needs.

Avow CRM is a 100% web-based CRM application designed to help sales, marketing and customer service departments exceed their expectations in an easy-to-use, productivity driven, customizable environment. It's a CRM solution that coordinates all your company's departments, so they can easily share information with each other.

The recipient of numerous industry awards for exceptional CRM software. Oncontact has built a solid reputation as the experts in mid-market CRM, supplying satisfied customers with the right CRM solutions for over a decade.

Benefits of CRM

Positive ROI results

CRM caters specifically to the requirements of SME's. Most SME's want to know what is in store for them in the future in terms of ROI. CRM contributes to a positive ROI even though it may take some time. It is a means by which supply chain management communication can be increased thereby contributing to ROI increase. Enterprise knowledge management as well is far more easily achieved as businesses can build a single view of the customer and create a profile that contains information pertaining to all previous communication, purchases and interactions and use this in its customer interactions, to boost sales thus resulting in positive return on investment.

SME Sales Soars

CRM for the SME provides for sales functionality. It makes possible automated sales processes. It facilitates easy quotations. CRM for SME's caters to increased sales success. It shortens the sales cycle and improves leads opportunity management. The loss in sales leads due to improper sales lead management is obliterated completely. Careless employees, strewn valuable information become a thing of the past. Information pertaining to the SME's customer dealings is packed away securely waiting to be analyzed and studied and then implemented in customer dealings.

The benefits of CRM for SME's include easy forecasting of sales and the measurement of business performance. CRM helps SME's handle inbound calls with maximum efficiency thus ensuring that the sale is completed. It provides for better opportunities for cross-selling. It provides the organization with a chance to evaluate sales success, and enables it to identify new trends existing problems, and possible opportunities as well. CRM for SME's offers them excellent opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling which indirectly boosts profits.

Customer Knowledge

It makes possible a shared knowledgebase that is easily assessable to all employees within the organization. It enables an SME to basically look into the stored data and provide accurate information to employees about customers. It helps the organization to make informed and correct decisions. It also helps the organization to stay close to the customer, so that it can anticipate upcoming needs and cater to those needs. Employees are able to view share and update information across the variousdepartments with ease. With an accurate customer database and customer service history businesses are able to achieve a better understanding of their customers. With CRM for SME's the business will be able to able to deliver superior products and services because it has been able to study customer preferences.

Boosting Revenue

CRM helps an SME know which channels will help to drive revenue and helps it understand how to connect all aspects of the business. It helps it understand how its business is connecting with the various facilities, markets, technologies and applications. Sales Force Automation is focused on as it is one of the key functional components of CRM boosting revenue indirectly. CRM boosts customer revenue through excellent computerized book keeping. It enables the business to increase the revenue through more purchases or extended purchasing.

With better customer satisfaction on the plate, SME's can now be assured that their customers will start turning their way and not towards competitors. It helps SME's with their eCommerce, advertised campaigns and direct mail. It manages to achieve customer profile analyses that enhance market campaigns. CRM in SME's coordinates the various activities like orders, customer care and sales, payment processing, warehousing, inventory management, packing, and returns processing. It assists in a reduction of capital outlay. It does this by providing lower-cost options to low-margin customers and vice versa. This results in a considerable saving of time and resources


CRM deliver customized solutions that are specifically built for the small and medium industry market and that are not complex. Ease of integration with other business processes is the key word of SME CRM. CRM for SME's provide for customization and the ability to change in accordance with business needs.Verticalization and customization are what draw the SME to CRM. Configuration with ease using interfaces and workflow processes becomes possible contributing to increased ease in customization.

Excellent Customer Service

SME CRM manages to drive customer interaction forward. CRM is an approach to customers that looks at basically strengthening the relationship. Customer loyalty is a natural by product as CRM for SME's provides for better allegiance with customers. It helps them to create and retain loyal customers. SME CRM gives the consumer incentive to remain loyal and increase his purchases over his lifetime. It helps customers ensure a rewarding relationship and provides for opportunities to deliver customer service with better efficiency.