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Avow Cart

Avow Cart is a secure, feature-rich e-commerce shopping cart solution for multi-channel online sales, we offer the professional services to help setup, customize, operate, and market your online store.

Whether you're a small merchant just getting started or a high volume seller looking to streamline and upgrade your online operations, AvowCart is the best e-commerce solution to meet your needs.

Developed on ASP.NET (Microsoft.NET Platform 3.5) and SQL Server 2005 as the backend database software, AvowCart meets all the security requirements, our software has passed several quality and security checks, SQL injection, QueryString malformation and many more such tricks with which one can dismantle your online store.

Few of the features which makes AvowCart, and outstanding shopping cart as compared with other such softwares are :

  • Built in CMS, and a Control Panel to manage our software
  • Categorise your products into different levels
  • Upload unlimited product pictures, auto image resize
  • fully optimised for Search Engines
  • Accept credit cards, paypal and other payment methods
  • Design the way you like it
  • use it as a Hosted Shopping Cart

What you can sell with AvowCart?

Sell flowers,computers,laptops,clothers,jewellery,mobile phones,cds,dvds,computer software,linux distros,computer hardware,medicines,herbals and anything which is allowed by your regional laws.

What you cannot sell / should not sell with AvowCart?

Banned drungs, narcotics, human body parts, weapons of mass destructions, CDs/DVDs/Media which spread hatred against any particular community or country, porn, and anything which is illegal to sell, as per regional and international laws.