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Project Rescue

Sometimes software development projects go off track. This can be due to many reasons including poor productivity, poor communication skills and even personality conflicts. The results can be disastrous for companies and careers. Strategies has helped many companies turn failing projects into successful products. Statistics shows that due to many reasons, up to 40% of software development projects fail or exceed either their budget, or deadline, or both.

Some IT projects are just too important to fail. But sometimes project timelines slip, technical problems arise, or the solution falls short of user expectations. Avow Labs’s senior engineers can provide the technical and project leadership to get things back on track and help make the project a success.

In most of the cases you have only two choices: either attempt to rescue the project and achieve your goals or cancel it and lose your investments. Of course you want the project to succeed, after all you started down the path of developing it to solve a critical business problem. If the flow of your software development project does not satisfy you, and or if it cannot be finished within the allocated budget or with sufficient quality, we offer our

Starting with a high-impact assessment and planning week, we identify the key factors impeding the project’s success. Working with project stakeholders, Avow Labs will develop a plan to correct the trajectory of the project. We are comfortable identifying and remediating technical problems at all layers of the infrastructure stack, as well as non-technical problems, such as vendor management, stakeholder management, and team coordination.

Avow Labs believes that almost every project can be turned around with a dedicated team and supportive management. Almost any challenge is surmountable — from developing in-house skills that are currently lacking, to working around unmet vendor obligations, to pulling a technical “rabbit out of a hat” — and we pride ourselves on our ability to rescue IT projects in a matter of weeks.

While rescuing the project, we achieve the following goals:

  • Ensure that a project can be finished with minimal additional costs or time expended.
  • Make project flow and its status transparent for you.
  • Increase quality of the deliverables.
  • Eliminate problems that lead to delays and other project problems
  • Poor requirements management
  • Poor project planning and management
  • Uncontrolled quality
  • Unrealistic expectations or inaccurate estimates
  • Lack to technological knowledge

If you are concerned about your project and need a critical review, we can help. We can perform detailed code reviews, perform product testing, review project documentation and use our automated tools to give you an accurate status report. Our work on your project can be kept entirely covert. We have developed the methodology that brings projects back to their budget and time frames.

Familiar with both Agile and traditional PMI project management methodologies, we are natural allies for in-house project managers. We can also completely fill the role of technical project manager; our deep technical experience helps ensure that we can accurately estimate and meet project budgets and milestones. We pride ourselves on rigorous, best-practices project management, while striving to keep the budget for this role under 5% of the overall project — that’s less than half the industry norm for this kind of overhead.

Typically, a small team of our technical and process specialists come to a place and investigate the situation. Then they present non-biased professional evaluation of the situation and offer possibilities of project rescue.

This unique service will help you to attain success instead of failure and thereby saving you millions of dollars which would have otherwise got washed down the drain. Not to mention the satisfaction and increased productivity in getting your favorite software product working, finally.

If you are already ready to move your project, we will review the project with you to determine how we can adopt the project with as little loss as possible. This will include:

  • Gather all source code for all components of your system
  • Ensure that the source code & builds properly
  • Create CD-ROMs or DVDs to archive your project
  • Put all source and documentation into source control
  • Establish a secure bugtracking web site for your project
  • Create a Quality Assurance Test Plan
  • Adopt product testing
  • Work with you to prioritize issues
  • Create a plan for finishing your projecs
  • Work with your team or independently to deliver your product

Strategies realizes companies and individuals do not want publicity when it comes to troubled projects. We respect our client’s privacy and will not disclose that a rescue mission is in progress or was ever performed for your company.