Cloud Accounting Software

If you have offices at multiple locations and if you want to maintain your books of accounts at a centralized location, then our cloud accounting software is a win win deal for you, with our cloud accounting system, you can maintain your books of accounts, you dont have to install accounting system at various branch, all your employees can maintain your books of accounts with our cloud accounting system.

Our online accounting software can be further customized as per your busines or industry (at extra cost), you can install the cloud accounting software in a datacenter, cloud or at your own office premises, we provide complete support and service for our accounting system.

Our cloud accounting system is built on latest technologies, it is faster than antive DOS or Foxpro based accounting system, we also provide support for migrating your accounting system from DBF or Foxpro based accounting system (at extra cost).

Accounting Software Features

  • Chart of Accounts (Groups and Ledgers)
  • Dynamic Entry Types (Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal)
  • Ledger account reconciliation
  • Tag entries
  • Reports:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit and Loss Statement
    • Trial Balance
    • Ledger Statement
    • Reconciliation Report
  • Download Reports in CSV / XLS format
  • User authentication and roles
  • User action logs
  • Uses RDBMS (Faster than Dos)
  • Support for multiple accounts

Technical Details (Server)

  • Technology Used - LAMP
  • HDD - 1 TB or more
  • RAM - 16 GB or more
  • Operating System - Linux, Windows
  • Network - 1gbps shared or 100mbps dedicated
  • CPU - 2.8 Ghz - 3.2 Ghz

Technical Details (Client)

  • Browser - Safari / Internet Explorer / Chrome / Firefox
  • Internet - 1mbps or more
  • RAM - 2 GB or more
  • Operating System - Linux, Windows, Macintosh
  • CPU - 1.8 Ghz - 3.2 Ghz