School College CMS System

Avow Labs has developed a School / College Content Management System which allows educational facilities to regularly update the parents / students about school activities, our Content Management System is very user friendly and allows teachers to upload subject material on real time basis.

Our School College CMS very secure, it runs over HTTPS and is hacker safe, we regularly test our software for any possible vulnerbilities and we immediately fix the same if found.

Our School / College CMS is written independently and does not requires any third party application, we host our CMS on Amazon Cloud with an uptime of 100%

School College CMS Software Features

  • Multi Users with User Roles
  • School Campus News
  • School Notice Board
  • School Important News (Flashed on HomePage)
  • School Syllabus
  • School Exam Schedule
  • School Picture Gallery
  • School TC Verification
  • School Board Results
  • School SMS Integration