SAP: Migration

Seamlessly Move Data With Quality, Integrity, Reliability

Data migration is the process of moving data from one or more sources into a target application. Historically, data migration has been viewed as the most significant risk in a new SAP ERP implementation. Still, with our proven methodology and templates/accelerators, we help mitigate the risk of "go-lives" for our customers and system integration partners. As companies move toward the "digital core" the migration and cleansing of their data is the first and most critical step, that's a significant element of Avow Labs value.

  • Benefits of Quality Data Migration
  • Loading required accurate data as early as possible help reduce project risk
  • Accurate and actionable data that is immediately available upon going live
  • Mitigate risk when moving to a new application, such as SAP S/4HANA
  • Achieve the desired ROI

How Avow Labs Can Help

Avow Labs is a team of SAP-certified data experts utilize a proven data migration framework and methodology. It has been applied to millions of terabytes of master data, and some of our methodologies, tools, and capabilities include:

  • 400+ SAP Templates reduce project cost and duration
  • SAP Rapid Data Migration accelerates your migration
  • We only utilizes SAP's Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions for data migration
  • Our Information Steward-Data Migration Content Extensions monitor the progress and quality of your data migration
  • Unique accelerators manage exceptions and automate template creation
  • Migrates both structured and unstructured data